Teumsae collection

Teumsae : Korean word for "a little gap between things"

Teumsae on table_Inspiration sketch.jpg

Teumsae vases series is reminiscent of plants growing through the tiny gaps between pavements and
stones. Teumsae is a Korean word for 'a little gap between things'.
The collection is not only inspired by but also a celebration for the strength of those small nature we get to come across every day. Extra&ordinary Design's Teumsae vase series has launched in Pulse London in May 2018.

1. Teumsae on Wall

‘Teumsae on Wall’ is a modular wall mount vase system. They are available in various colours such as
Pure white, Warm grey variant(light/mid/deep), and Cool grey variant(light/mid/deep).
Users can create various styles using multiple units. Individual units can be mounted at 3 different
setpoints for a versatile arrangement of the vases, ultimately, in order for diverse styling with any green foliage.

They are also available in table-top variant and each unit comes with a stand (no wall mountings)
‘Teumsae on Wall’ is a minimal piece of wall decoration art that you complete with delicate touches of
nature, based on your vision & mood.

2. Teumsae on Table

‘Teumsae on Table’ is a modular table-top vase collection. Each set comes in three vases of differing
The modular feature enables to create your own unique style through mixing&matching and various
arrangement. Each piece comes with a vessel and lid.
The lid acts as a metaphor for the plants breaking through the ground. 'Teumsae on Table' displays small
selections of nature to fit the mood of the space.

3. Teumsae in Layers

‘Teumsae in layers’ is the latest product from Teumsae vase series by Extra&ordinary Design. It comes
with 3 pieces in different size & depths.
They combine and layer to play with depths and shadows, overlapping the natural elements protruding
from them.
The face plates are mounted at 3 different angles to emphasise and customise the layering effect,
allowing 'Teumsae in layers' to fit into its varying styles of habitats.

Teumsae vases series products are all handmade in our North London Studio from start to finish.