[Set] 3 Mini propagators
  • [Set] 3 Mini propagators

    This is a special gift set of 3 Scala mini propagator/vase in olive green, apricot, and white marble colours. The Scala collection is inspired by the Roman marble architectures, especially, marble block stairs and elements of columns. As each object is individually cast and treated by hand to replicate the characteristics of marble, the shapes of grains on the surface are widely varied. These unique features are the essence of the collection.

    • Product detail

      Dimensions: 32mm(Ø) x 69mm(H) 
      Material: Jesmonite
      Weight(individual): 140g

      Total weight: 500g

      Handcrafted in London

    • Product care

      This product is made of Jesmonite which is an eco-friendly water-based fine cement-like material. Also, Jesmonite is well-known for being durable, lighter, and UV stable.
      As each object is individually cast and finished by hand, slight colour varia